While Mark Salisbury’s book describes the design and implementation of a Socrates Digital™ application, Socrates Digital™ is also a brand name of Vitel, Inc., for professional services offered to assist organizations in developing Socrates Digital™ applications and embracing them to improve problem-solving.

Specifically, Vitel provides the following consulting services for developing Socratic problem-solving applications:

  • creating application templates and programming logic;

  • creating problem area questions for the steps of analyzing information about a problem, applying concepts for information analysis, identifying assumptions for information analysis, developing conclusions from information analysis, and predicting the implications of those conclusions for solving a problem;

  • creating and modifying equations for calculating a confidence level for each step and a combined overall confidence level for all the steps in solving a problem;

  • designing and developing knowledge management systems, including, processes and incentives for capturing, storing, and distributing solutions from Socratic problem-solving applications; and

  • designing and conducting change management initiatives for employing Socratic problem-solving applications within organizations.

Vitel partners with technical services providers for delivering turnkey solutions to organizations that aim to improve their problem-solving and decision making.  For example, we partner with other Microsoft Partners to provide comprehensive business intelligence solutions that leverage Microsoft’s Power BI.  Vitel also partners with organizational development service providers to offer change management initiatives for employing Socratic problem-solving applications.

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